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Tianjin two-bed-bed unit ozone sterilizer
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Chengdu Huijingyuan Bed Unit Ozone Disinfection Machine: One-button operation, fast vacuuming, pulse compression ozone filling, sealed powerful disinfection and sterilization, analysis of residual ozone, etc. The process is completed automatically and the operation is very convenient; eight-inch color Chinese and English bilingual Touch screen with printing function; with life timer alarm, fault alarm and other functions.

Structure and working principle

Structure and composition

本机主要由不锈钢搪瓷臭氧管、模块高压电源、解析装置、气泵、消毒气管及接头、消毒床罩及消毒袋、 八寸)彩色中英文双语触摸屏 操作运行监控系统、机壳组成。 ►This machine is mainly composed of stainless steel enamel ozone tube, module high-voltage power supply, analysis device, air pump, sterilizing air pipe and connector, sterilizing bed cover and sterilizing bag, ( eight inches) color Chinese and English bilingual touch screen operation monitoring system, and casing.

working principle

先通过气泵将床单位(床单位密闭于消毒床罩或消毒袋中)中空气抽出,形成近似真空(以到达臭氧与床单位的充分接触);然后不锈钢搪瓷臭氧管产生臭氧气体,通过气泵将臭氧气体充入床单位进行消毒,消毒完后,再通过气泵将床单位中剩余的臭氧气体抽出,通过臭氧解析装置解析还原氧气。 ►Extract the air from the bed unit (bed unit is enclosed in a sterilized bed cover or sterilization bag) through an air pump to form an approximate vacuum (to reach the full contact between ozone and the bed unit); then the stainless steel enamel ozone tube generates ozone gas, and the air is pumped through the air pump. Ozone gas is charged into the bed unit for disinfection. After the disinfection is completed, the remaining ozone gas in the bed unit is extracted by an air pump, and the reduced oxygen is analyzed by an ozone analysis device.

   Product disinfection performance   

杀菌因子:臭氧。 ►Bactericidal factor: ozone.

杀菌机理:利用臭氧的强氧化性消毒杀菌。 ►Sterilization mechanism: strong oxidizing disinfection and sterilization using ozone.

杀菌类别:臭氧是一种广谱杀菌剂,可杀灭细菌繁殖体和芽胞、病毒、真菌、并可破坏肉毒杆菌毒素。 ►Bactericidal category: Ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide that can kill bacterial propagules and spores, viruses, fungi, and destroy botulinum toxins.

杀菌因子残留量:操作程序结束30分钟后,床单位中臭氧残留量≤0.16mg/m ³ ►Residual bactericidal factor: 30 minutes after the end of the operation procedure, the residual amount of ozone in the bed unit is ≤0.16mg / m³ .

载体定量试验时,每次试验对各类微生物的杀灭对数值≥3,对照组微生物数在规定的范围内。 ►In the carrier quantitative test, the logarithmic killing value of various microorganisms in each test is ≥3, and the number of microorganisms in the control group is within the specified range.

模拟现场试验时,每次试验对试验微生物的杀灭对数值≥3,对照组微生物数量在规定的范围内。 ►When simulating a field test, the logarithmic value of the test microorganisms for each test is ≥3, and the number of microorganisms in the control group is within the specified range.

现场试验时,对消毒对象上自然菌的平均杀灭对数值≥3。 ►On- site test, the average logarithmic value of natural bacteria on the disinfected object is ≥3.


具有抽气功能,消毒彻底。 ►With suction function, disinfection is complete. After evacuating to form an approximate vacuum and then injecting ozone, ozone can fully penetrate the interior of the sterilized article for complete disinfection.

具有分解剩余臭氧的功能。 ►It has the function of decomposing remaining ozone.

工作流程可预先设置,抽气、充臭氧、消毒、解析残余臭氧等工序全程自动完成,操作十分方便。 ►The working process can be set in advance, and the processes such as gas extraction, ozone filling, disinfection, and analysis of residual ozone are automatically completed throughout the operation, which is very convenient to operate.

可选配坎入式打印机(操作者可实时查询并打印运行数据),可选配无线联网功能(运行数据上传到管路者电脑,管理者能够进行批量管理,运行数据实时查询并联网打印) ►Optional bumper printer (operator can query and print the operating data in real time), optional wireless networking function (operating data upload to the pipeliner's computer, the manager can perform batch management, running data real-time query and network printing ) .

消毒床罩有长期使用和一次性使用两种。 ►Sterilized bedspreads are available in both long-term and single-use. Long-term use of bedspreads with excellent texture can effectively resist ozone corrosion. The company supplies disposable bedspreads for a long time.

双床或四床同时消毒:可以消毒一张床单位,也可以同时对两个床单位或四个床单位进行消毒。 Simultaneous disinfection of twin or four beds: one bed unit can be disinfected, and two bed units or four bed units can be disinfected at the same time.

能有效去除附着在物体上的各种异味(血腥味,霉味等)。 ►Effectively removes all kinds of odors (bloody, musty, etc.) attached to objects.

对消毒物品有增白的作用(如床单、被褥、纸等)。 ►It has a whitening effect on disinfection items (such as sheets, bedding, paper, etc.).

臭氧发生管使用寿命长(不锈钢搪瓷臭氧管使用寿命15000小时)。 ►The ozone generating tube has a long service life (stainless steel enamel ozone tube has a service life of 15,000 hours).

Product Features

八寸)彩色中英文双语触摸屏 操作运行监控系统 外贸机:可定制其它国家文字界面) 本机 实现了工作流程可预先设置 抽气、充臭氧、消毒、解析残余臭氧等工序全程自动完成、关键元器件工作累时显示、关键元器件 超寿命 报警 关键元器件故障报警等功能。 ( Eight inches) color Chinese and English bilingual touch screen operation and operation monitoring system ( foreign trade machine: can customize the text interface of other countries) , the machine realizes the work flow can be set in advance : the whole process of extraction, ozone filling, disinfection, analysis of residual ozone Functions such as automatic completion, key component display when tired, key component over-life alarm , key component failure alarm, etc.

Scope of application

适用于医疗卫生单位、宾馆、疗养院等的床上用品消毒。 ►Suitable for bedding disinfection in medical and health units, hotels, nursing homes, etc.

Disinfection machine features

产品的供电电源:单相AC220V 50Hz ►Product power supply: single-phase AC220V 50Hz

对电击的防护措施:产品属I类 ►Protection against electric shock: The product belongs to Class I

对电击的防护程度:产品属B型 ►Protection against electric shock: The product is type B

Operating conditions

温度:5℃~40℃ ►Temperature : 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

相对湿度:60%~80% ►Relative humidity: 60% to 80%

大气压力:860hpa~1060hpa ►Atmospheric pressure: 860hpa ~ 1060hpa

供电电源:220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ ►Power supply: 220V ± 22V 50HZ ± 1HZ

主要技术参数 Product main technical parameters   

床单位臭氧消毒机 > 床单位臭氧消毒机

床单位臭氧消毒机(普通两床) > 床单位臭氧消毒机(普通四床)

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