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Tianjin mobile-ultraviolet air sterilizer
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别名:循环风紫外线消毒机,循环风紫外线消毒器,紫外线空气消毒机, 紫外线空气消毒器 ,动态空气消毒机,动态空气消毒器 人机共处消毒机,人机共处消毒器。 Product aliases: circulating wind ultraviolet sterilizer, circulating wind ultraviolet sterilizer, ultraviolet air sterilizer, ultraviolet air sterilizer , dynamic air sterilizer, dynamic air sterilizer , human-machine co-sterilizer, human-machine co-sterilizer

Structure and working principle

Structure and composition

本机主要由( 效+中效+活性炭+光触媒)复合过滤网、工作风道、 超强紫外线灯管 、负离子器、超静风机、液晶操作运行监控系统、机壳组成。 ►This machine is mainly composed of (primary effect + medium effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, working air duct, ultra-strong ultraviolet light tube , negative ionizer, ultra-static fan, liquid crystal operation monitoring system, and casing.

working principle

超静风机将密闭房间中的部分污浊空气吸入机器内部;通过( 效+中效+活性炭+光触媒)复合过滤网将空气中的大小尘埃滤除;通过安装在过滤网进风面的超强紫外线灯对流动空气中的细菌进行瞬间杀灭;将已滤除尘埃和已杀灭细菌的洁净空气送回到房间,洁净空气快速循环流动从而空气净化和杀菌的目的;同时负氧离子清新空气。 ►Ultra -static fan sucks part of the dirty air in the closed room into the machine; it removes the large and small dust in the air through the ( primary effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter; the ultra-fine fan installed on the air inlet surface of the filter screen Strong ultraviolet light instantly kills bacteria in flowing air; sends filtered air and clean air that has killed bacteria back to the room, clean air quickly circulates for the purpose of air purification and sterilization; meanwhile, negative oxygen ions are refreshed air.

   消毒学性能 Product disinfection performance

杀菌因子: 高强度紫外线 ►Bactericidal factor: High intensity UV .

杀菌机理:低臭氧高强度紫外线照射消毒杀菌。 ►Bactericidal mechanism: Low ozone and high intensity UV radiation for disinfection and sterilization.

杀菌类别:高强度紫外线可以杀灭各种微生物,包括细菌繁殖体、芽孢、分枝杆菌、病毒、真菌、立克次体和支原体。 ►Bactericidal categories: High-intensity ultraviolet rays can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae, and mycoplasma.

杀菌因子残留量:消毒结束后,无消毒因子残留。 ►Residual sterilization factor: After disinfection, there is no residual sterilization factor.

对白色葡萄球菌的杀灭率≥99.9%。 ►The killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus is ≥99.9%.

对空气中自然菌消亡率≥90%。 ►The extinction rate of natural bacteria in the air is ≥90%.


多种空气净化方法降低空气中尘埃粒子,本机采用我公司独自自主研发的阻力低、通风量大、容尘量大、过滤效率高的空气净化专用( 效+中效+活性炭+光触媒)复合过滤网。 ►A variety of air purification methods to reduce dust particles in the air. This machine uses the air purification special ( initial effect + medium effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) specially developed by our company for low-resistance, large ventilation, large dust holding capacity, and high filtration efficiency ) Composite filter.

有人环境下的空气动态消毒,实现人机共处。 ►Dynamic disinfection of air under human environment to achieve human-machine coexistence.

活性炭过滤网采用高分子材料将优质活性炭粉粘附在纤维过滤棉基础上精制而成,有效去除空气中的苯,甲醛等有害,有毒物质。 ►The activated carbon filter is made of high-quality activated carbon powder adhered to the fiber filter cotton using polymer materials, which can effectively remove harmful and toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air.

光触媒过滤网采用纳米ti02及先进的生产工艺制成,在机内高强度紫外线的照射下,能够产生很强的催化活性,将许多有害有毒的污染物氧化分解成二氧化碳,水等无害物质,达到除臭抗菌的目的。 ►Photocatalyst filter is made of nano ti02 and advanced production technology. Under the high-intensity ultraviolet radiation in the machine, it can produce a strong catalytic activity, and oxidatively decompose many harmful and toxic pollutants into carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substances. To achieve the purpose of deodorization and antibacterial.

负离子发生器产生负离子,吸附各种病毒,细菌,使其产生结构的改变或能量的转移,导致其死亡,另外,可以清新空气,消烟除尘,带负电荷的负离子与漂浮在空气中带正电荷的烟雾粉尘进行电极中和,使其自然沉淀。 ►Negative ion generator generates negative ions, adsorbs various viruses and bacteria, causes it to change its structure or transfer energy, leading to its death. In addition, it can clean the air, eliminate smoke and dust, negatively charged negative ions and floating in the air. The positively charged smoke and dust neutralize the electrode and cause it to precipitate naturally.

超静风机的工作风道符合洁净室的乱流工作方式,具有很好的洁净效果。 ►The working path of the ultra-quiet fan is in line with the turbulent working mode of the clean room, which has a good cleaning effect.

超强紫外线灯安装在( 效+中效+活性炭+光触媒)复合过滤网的迎风面,作用有二:一是对流动空气的细菌进行瞬间杀灭,二是清除吸附停留在中效过滤网上的细菌从而抑制细菌在过滤系统中的繁殖。 ►Super strong UV lamp is installed on the windward side of ( primary effect + medium effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, which has two functions: one is to instantly kill bacteria in flowing air, and the other is to remove adsorption and stay in the middle effect filter. Bacteria on the net thus inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filtration system.

紫外线灯管寿命长 (紫外线灯管使用寿命8000h)。 ►Ultraviolet lamp has a long life (ultraviolet lamp life 8000h).

Product Features

液晶操作运行监控系统,实现了自动开关机、临时手动开机 可遥控) 延时自动关机、关键元器件工作累时显示、关键元器件故障报警(含紫外线强度低于限值报警)等功能。 ►The LCD operation and monitoring system realizes functions such as automatic power on / off , temporary manual start ( remote control), delayed automatic shutdown, key component display when work is exhausted, key component failure alarm (including UV intensity below limit alarm), etc. .

风量可按高、中、低选择,风向 摆动。 ►The air volume can be selected by high, middle and low, and the wind direction can swing.

过滤网清洗时间自动计时且显示并报警。 ►The filter cleaning time is automatically timed and displayed and alarmed.

杀菌因子更换 时间自动计时且显示并报警。 ►The sterilization factor replacement time is automatically timed and displayed and alarmed.

Scope of application

类环境、 类环境、 类环境的室内空气动态消毒( 人机共处 )。 ►Suitable for dynamic disinfection of indoor air in hospitals in Class II environment, Class III environment, and Class IV environment ( coexistence of man and machine ).

►Suitable for dynamic disinfection of indoor air in blood stations, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, sanitary products factories, electronics factories, breeding farms, warehouses, banks, schools, nursing homes, museums, archives, libraries, restaurants, public places (Human-machine coexistence).

Disinfection machine features

产品的供电电源:单相AC220V 50Hz ►Product power supply: single-phase AC220V 50Hz

对电击的防护措施:产品属I类 ►Protection against electric shock: The product belongs to Class I

对电击的防护程度:产品属B型 ►Protection against electric shock: The product is type B

Operating conditions

温度:5℃~40℃ ►Temperature : 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

相对湿度:60%~80% ►Relative humidity: 60% to 80%

大气压力:860hpa~1060hpa ►Atmospheric pressure: 860hpa ~ 1060hpa

供电电源:220V±22V 50HZ±1Hz ►Power supply: 220V ± 22V 50HZ ± 1Hz

及主要技术参数 Product specifications and main technical parameters   

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